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Meridia Primitivo Puglia 2017

Meridia Primitivo Puglia 2017

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It’s time to channel your inner Lionel Ritchie, kick your shoes off and start dancing on the ceiling, because we’ve got a perfect Primitivo from the heel of Italy's boot with your name on it!

Sometimes weeknights call for crushable reds that are just downright delicious. They don’t have to be complicated, but that doesn’t mean they have to be simple swill either, and this crimson italian stallion has got all the makings of a wine that will have you turning a regular Tuesday evening into an all out Italian feast.

The 2017 Meridia Primitivo is everything one could want in a southern Italian red. Bright and energetic, full of life and ready to take on anything from lasaga to pizza. It’s ripe with layers of deep red cherries, stewed plums, raspberries, cola and touches of oak to round out a vibrant mid-palate rich in acid and structure. It’s simply perfect, and for $13, this could definitely be your lucky number.

Our favorite thing about this wine is how damn juicy it is! I mean OVERFLOWING WITH SALIVATING SENSATIONS is just the beginning, and the wine keeps on giving and giving with every minute in the glass. And though a little lighter in color than your traditional Primitivo, there is plenty of weight to play nicely with a weekend barbecue with some heavier fare. Primitivo is sometimes known as the Italian Zinfandel (though they are not the same grape), and so Zin fans take note as well, as this one is right up your alley and will have you dreaming of days on the southern coast of Italy with a glass in your hand and your feet in the sand. 

And did we mention it’s $13? We know we did… just making sure you’re paying attention. It also happens to be imported by Master Sommelier Fran Kysela, so you know it’s gotta be great. Value doesn’t always grow on trees, but if you look in the right places, you’ll find plenty of vines that deliver the goods in the glass without a hefty tariff.

An absolutely stunning southern Italian find for those seeking greatness every night of the week!