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Clos de Centenaires Grenache VV Costieres de Nimes 2017

Clos de Centenaires Grenache VV Costieres de Nimes 2017

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Don’t look now but there's a superstar on stage and he’s about to take the spotlight.

A southern Rhone superstar to be exact, and he’s bringing a super sexy and succulent old-vine Grenache to the red carpet as his co-star.

After putting Château Mas Neuf on the wine map as one of the very best Costières de Nîmes, Luc Baudet decided to start a new challenge. When he sold Château Mas Neuf, he kept 7 hectares of the most promising terroir of the estate, and named it "Le Clos des Centenaires." It serves as the heart of his new adventure, and is truly one of those legendary properties you have to see to believe.

Nestled on this 7-hectare Villafranchian pebble hill, his old vines run from East to West on an East-South-East facing plot and are trained using the gobelet method, with sustainable and organic farming at the forefront of every decision he makes. The alternating prevailing winds (the northerly Mistral wind) and thermal breezes (South, South Westerly and the sea breeze) encourage early budding and very temperate summers and subsequently a prolonged and gentle ripening period for the grapes.

The 2017 Clos de Centenaires Old Vine Grenache is a sultry and sophisticated offering that shines a light on Luc’s talents and the spectacular terroir he calls home. It struts with serious personality right out of the gate, as notes of warm raspberry jam, macerated cherries and white pepper lead into a palate full of complex fruits and crushed river stones, all backed by supple tannins that caress the palate with every sip. The lingering finish brings notes of roasted hazelnuts and garrigue, carrying the hallmarks of what the southern Rhone region is known for.

And if that wasn’t enough for you, this is the best $15 you’ll spend all year. A single vineyard old-vine juggernaut that has no signs of slowing down and crushes anything in its path, backed by a barrel whisperer who helped define the region and now takes center stage with his very own plot of heaven.

Just hand him the award right now… but you get to take home the trophy.