Hanzell Chardonnay Sebella Sonoma Valley 2019

Hanzell Chardonnay Sebella Sonoma Valley 2019

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Hanzell Chardonnay is one of the true great whites of Sonoma County. Their estate is one you have to see to believe, nestled into the cool hillsides of this famed region, their wines have been synonymous with greatness since their first vintage decades ago.

And for quite some time, they made only one Chardonnay and one Pinot Noir from their brilliant estate. But my how times have changed, and for the last several years, they decided to double down with their younger vines and produce a crystalline example of their terroir that showcases everything that is perfect about Hanzell Chardonnay without the hefty price tag.

Sebella is as pure an expression of Sonoma County Chardonnay that you’re gonna find. It’s cool climate personality is on full display, as fruit riddled with tension and energy lifts the senses into a state of submission, with a steely nerve that only adds to the allure.

Signature Chardonnay aromas of white flowers in bloom, dried citrus, minerality, and energetic yellow fruits will have you thinking you’ve been kissed by Apollo, as this steely and succulent offering will have you swooning with delight. Hanzell is no stranger to big scores for their primary wines, but the fact that their baby is all grown up and garnering serious attention is something you’re gonna want to pay attention to. Drink now or age for years. The choice is yours.

94 Points and $24. Don’t let the sun go down before you get some!

Aromas of dried apple, citrus, flint and lemon grass follow through to a full body with tangy and tight acidity and a lively finish. Impressive minerality and verve here. Will age beautifully, but why wait? Drink or hold.

This wine offers tremendous value for its knockout quality. It is an accessible, well-made and succulent expression of the grape that impresses from start to finish. Sophisticated and steely, it has a light grip of tannin and oak, with balanced acidity and fruitiness.