Domaine de Cala Vin Blanc

Domaine de Cala Vin Blanc

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More Blanc for your Buck?

Yes Please!

Y’all went gaga over the rosé that Mustards Grill has made famous, so we thought we’d turn up the dial and throw the crystalline gem of the Domaine de Cala portfolio right at you.

Hailing from Provence, this dreamy blend of Rolle (aka Vermentino) and Grenache Blanc makes for a lush, round and intoxicating white blend that’ll have you dreaming of summers in the south of France. 

Clothing is completely optional.

Seductive aromas of tropical fruits, wild fennel, savory herbs, wet stone and citrus peel make for a luscious and luxurious offering that stimulates the senses from the first sip. The vineyards this fruit calls home is one of the true special plots in all of France. Its different exposures allow the infamous mistral wind to meander over the hills, enabling the fruit to cool at night and adding full ripening and maturity for grapes that exude that southern French swagger, character, and personality. 

A diverse array of soils only adds to the party, adding a fantastic underbelly of terroir that helps this fruit go from good to SPECTACULAR!

The best part is that not only is this wine nearly impossible to find, but we have it for an absolute steal at $X!

Seriously, you can try to find it online, but you’ll be searching for quite awhile.

Grab some right now, you'll be glad you did!