Just Pink! Rose 2020

Just Pink! Rose 2020

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Julien Fayard’s name is synonymous with some of the best Cabs in Napa Valley (Le Pich, Purlieu, Covert, Somnium, and of course, his own Fayard brand). After all, his recent 100-Point score on his own wine says plenty.

But it’s his French heritage and training that we focus on today, because it means this cat surely knows how to create a picture perfect Provençal style rosé and we have it ripe for the taking.

His 2020 Just Pink! Rose is California liquid pink gold, with just the faintest rose hue to keep things interesting. 

Dry, earthy and energetic, this brings together all the elements of rosé that we look for, and marries the California sunshine with the Provence style that is simply what we want to drink.

Made from a mix of Pinot Noir, Syrah and Grenache, racy notes of peach, lime zest and watermelon lead into waves of plush fruits on the palate that are both serious and playful simultaneously. Notes of jolly rancher and grapefruit round out the zippy finish, leaving a crisp and cool vibe in its wake. 

Trust us when we say that if we were wandering in the desert for 46 days, though we’d take anything to quench our thirst, this would be the perfect remedy to that sweltering heat.

Born from California and raised with Provence’s southern French style in mind.

An absolutely perfectly pink combination.