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Albariño, Chardonnay,  and Riesling   (3-Bottle Offer)

Albariño, Chardonnay, and Riesling (3-Bottle Offer)

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Bottle 1: Albariño

And after having Fefiñanes, there is no going back. Seriously.

The 2020 Fefiñanes Albariño is the stuff sueños (dreams in Spanish) are made of! Bright and crystalline straw gold in the glass, vibrant aromas of green apple, white peach, melon, citrus, wild herbs, wet stones and sea spray make for a truly wondrous imbibing experience, and will have you and your palate swooning and dreaming of lying in the sand on in Rias Baixas.
Dry as a bone, with lively acidity and exceptional flavors, this is an absolutely exquisite example of why Spanish aromatic whites are taking control of the vinous landscape, and when the weather is warm and the sun is shining, we’re not sure there’s anything better than a few glasses (or bottles!) of this sensational elixir.

It pairs with an array of seafood, but will easily hold up against your favorite Asian or Indian food, and can even push back against beef should you be so inclined. It’s quite possibly the most versatile white wine on the planet, and should you get really adventurous, can even cellar for a few years gaining exceptional complexity.

We tasted this wine with the whole team and we’re not kidding when the room went silent. No one could stop digging their nose in the glass, and each of us kept fighting for the bottle as it seemed everyone’s glass was empty immediately. 

Talk about good ‘til the last drop!

We love every wine we sell, but this is definitely one of the recent favorites, and one we promise will change the way you look at white wine forever.

A mid-day siesta clutching a bottle of this…

Yes please!

Bottle 2: Chardonnay

One of Burgundy’s landmark producers has done it again!

Since 1880, Maison Joseph Drouhin has built a reputation for producing wines that reflect their terroir and vintage to perfection. Preserving the individual identity of each appellation is what makes them great, and their 2019 Rully Blanc exalts a white Burgundy with style, power and grace without compromising a thing.

A producer where the tradition of history meets marvelously with modern techniques, all the details are under a microscope and no stone is left unturned when it comes to producing exceptional fruit rooted in time and place.

Rully, situated in southern Burgundy, brings all the charm and personality of a wine two or three times its price. The beauty of Burgundy is that even though the limestone-rich soil is similar everywhere, certain regions just don’t carry the price tag of those more centralized regions, and the smart money always lies on the outskirts of town.

Lucky you.

Full of charm and brilliance, a white golden colored elixir leads into a ravishing purity full of fresh and lively aromas, ranging from high-toned citrus, hints of orchard fruits, white chalk, oyster shells and almond, while a fresh and elegant palate leaves a lasting impression that has any Burgundy enthusiast grinning with ease. It’s the kind of wine we won’t stop drinking, and we’ll probably have to let one bottle sit on ice because we know we won’t stop at one.

And we know you won’t either.

Great white Burgundy from one of the region’s greatest producers.

You’re gonna need a bigger boat.

Bottle 3: Riesling

Domaine Schlumberger is the largest Grand Cru producer in Alsace.

All wines are estate grown, with 75% of the fruit planted on steep slopes that make our knees shake and our brow sweat just thinking about them. Terraced slopes require horses for fieldwork, and all grapes are harvested by hand in baskets.

It’s as old school as it gets.

With a single holding of more than 330 acres, they manage to put quality at the top of the list. Yields are exceptionally low, and they only make half the production they are allowed because they believe any more and they’ll sacrifice the greatness of the fruit.

Talk about bigger isn’t always better.

The Saering plot was established in the year 1250. Perched around 1,000 feet above sea level, it flows off the steep slopes and extends like a peninsula while facing east and southeast. Searing marl (a mix of silt, sand, calcium carbonate, and clay), limestone, and sandstone provide a wonderful trio of terroir that brings out the true beauty of this exceptional Grand Cru Riesling.

A viscous golden blanket with tinges of fluorescent green brings a bright intensity that imposes its will on your gaze. You can try to look away, but you won’t be able to. A youthful nose of mandarin, lemon zest, candied orange peel, white flowers, flint, ginger, and hints of petrol are backed by minerals, yuzu, salinity, chalk and lime custard. Impeccably balanced, this Grand Cru stunner highlights the soil that it is grown in, showcasing the greatness of both the producer and the vineyard with every sip.

It’s a true marvel in the glass and we might drink it all before you can get your hands on any.

Perfectly pristine Riesling from one of the oldest slopes on the planet.