Cantine Russo Rampante Riserva Rosso DOC 2012

Cantine Russo Rampante Riserva Rosso DOC 2012

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If you haven’t noticed, Etna Rosso is starting to catch some serious fire.

The region that shares its home with Mount Etna’s volcanic tendencies is bringing some stellar firepower of its own to the vinous landscape, and this Sicilian island isn’t showing any signs of going dormant. 

The grape that’s making it famous is Nerello Mescalese, an indigenous variety that brings the true style of Sicily to the table, and you’re gonna absolutely love it if you've never had it before. 

These wines are born in fire. The volcanic soil and eruptive landscape creates fruit that takes no prisoners and deals with a pretty heavy scenario given the ground shakes regularly and spews hot lava from its top whenever it feels the urge. The fruit, and resulting wine, carries a similar attitude. 

This 2012 Riserva is bright and energetic, with a backbone of unbridled force that is unmistakably Italian. Bright ruby in the glass, seductive aromas of dusty berries, dried cherries, spiced minerals, warm earth, wildflowers, and spiced tobacco will have your senses swooning, and the dynamic layers of tannin and persistence on the palate is sure to get your attention.

Have we mentioned how much we love Etna Rosso? Seriously, this stuff is born on the side of a VOLCANO!!!!  It’s simply intoxicating stuff that has a true sense of place that is remarkable. Transparent and tantalizing in every way, this is juice you need to know about from an island that is ready to blow up!

Well, you know what we mean… 

Stock up and grab some explosive red firepower and prepare your palate for fireworks.