Chateau de Meursault Bourgogne Clos du Chateau Monopole Chardonnay 2019

Chateau de Meursault Bourgogne Clos du Chateau Monopole Chardonnay 2019

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Superb single-vineyard white Burgundy!

Does it really get any better than that?

A true standout, Château de Meursault’s Bourgogne Blanc from the park that sits on the estate itself is truly something special. It gets the royal treatment given the fruit sits on the very property that makes the wine, and is vinified more like a Meursault than that of an entry-level Bourgogne Blanc.

Expressive notes of yellow fruits, poached pears, hazelnuts, buttered toast, white flowers and spice make for a scintillating and crystalline olfactory wonderland for the senses, with a texture that lovingly coats the palate and lingers for eternity. 

It’s white Burgundy like this that gets our mojo working, and with prices from the famed motherland region continuing to skyrocket, we love stumbling upon something so delicious that we can offer to you at a screaming deal! 

Sitting in bed of limestone and clay, the wine is vinified more like that of a premier cru Meursault, delivering all the high octane weight, tension, and sophistication one craves from high end white Burgundy. The vines are tended to with a little bit of extra love and care, and get a little extra love and attention simply because the vineyard happens to sit on the estate grounds. 

Talk about a home field advantage!

It’s a wonderful benefit for the fruit, and an even greater benefit for those that scoop it up and drink in the fun. Perfect for those who love Chardonnay from the other side of the world or California. It’s a win-win proposition!

Seize your chance to dive into one of Burgundy’s secret golden treasures.