Dominio del Bendito El Primer Paso 2019

Dominio del Bendito El Primer Paso 2019

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Mess with the bull, you get the horns.

A garnet liquid bull from the heart of Toro, this is full-throttle, ancient vine Tempranillo that’ll most definitely have you seeing red.

Winemaker Antony Terryn is no stranger to defying convention, and his affinity for old, ungrafted vines (some of which are even pre-phylloxera) is what’s put him on the map. The word “bendito” means joyful, which perfectly describes his state of mind when he’s wandering his vineyards.

His style is simple and intuitive, employing diligent work in the vineyard, cement tanks for fermentation, and a quick stint in barrel before bottling, all which help harness and channel the true essence of Tempranillo from this heralded region.

El Primer Paso is the perfect introduction to Toro reds for those that may be new to this dramatic offering. Robust red fruits meld effortlessly with opulent notes of brooding berries, dried flowers, warm earth, crushed stones, and spiced mulberries. The palate is smooth and dramatic, enveloping the senses with flair, all while possessing a distinctive earthy edge that speaks to the place this wine calls home. Dusty tannins round out the fish, leaving nothing but unadulterated satisfaction in its wake.

We continue to champion our love for Spain, and Toro is just another reason why. It has strength, power, finesse and force all rolled into an exceptional offering that continues to defy logic and stimulate the senses.

Let’s tip our hats to this liquid bull that is most definitely worthy of our adoration.

If we had to choose between the matador or the bull, our money is most definitely on the bull.