Domaine Castagnier Bourgogne Aligoté 2018

Domaine Castagnier Bourgogne Aligoté 2018

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Say it with us: Aligoté (Ah-Lee-Go-Tay)

Aligoté is Burgundy's other white grape.

Sure, the region is the motherland for Chardonnay, but what if we told you that Aligoté is Burgundy's secret weapon.

We thought that might get your attention.

More austere and edgy than its Chardonnay cousin, Aligoté delivers the best of Burgundy in a bargain package.

We love the clean and crisp nature it delivers, but the 2018 Castagnier is aged in both steel and French oak, you get the best of both that steely nature mixed in with a hint of richness and texture that truly makes all the difference.

It also can age quite well, showcasing that same nutty nuance that Chardonnay offers from this famed region.

The best part is the price.

$18 for white Burgundy from one of the region’s most notable producers.

Castagier’s biodynamic approach ensures the fruit delivers everything it's supposed to, and even adds a little special something thanks to Mother Nature’s talents. 

So fun to say and even more fun to drink!

Yay for White Burgundy that doesn’t break the bank and delivers the goods when it matters most!