The Prisoner Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast 2019

The Prisoner Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast 2019

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Talk about taking no prisoners!

The Prisoner has staked a claim for being the biggest and boldest on the block for quite some time. After all, their infamous red wine of the same name changed the wine game, well, forever.

Big, bold, rich, and decadent became the things people craved, and they set themselves on a course to the top of the pyramid and have no intention of slowing down.

What no one knew is that they had plans to play in all realms, and have now entered the Pinot Noir game and are bringing some serious firepower

Unshackled and ready to take on all comers, this 2019 Sonoma Coast standout is planning a serious jailbreak and has plans on taking you with it. Bombastic notes of black cherries, juicy blackberries, spiced vanilla cream, cherry cobbler, toasty oak, and raspberry jam set off the flavor alarm and cause glorious mayhem for the senses the minute it hits the palate.

There’s just no stopping a wine with this kind of unbridled force, and honestly, why would you want to stop it in the first place? And for those that crave juice of this style and caliber, this is an absolute must for a lifetime sentence of pure palate pleasure!.

We’re even selling it for less than the winery itself, so we must know something they don’t! 

Prisoner fans should be on high alert… 

Bread and water just aren’t gonna cut it.

Lock yourself up with a few bottles and throw away the key!