Abeja Chardonnay Washington State 2015

Abeja Chardonnay Washington State 2015

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Chardonnay is going to the Bees!

And we couldn’t bee happier! (see what we did there?)

Spanish for the little insect that helps pollinate our universe, Abeja is located in the Blue Mountains just east of Walla Walla, Washington, is here to remind you that not all big and beautiful Chardonnay needs to come from California.

Walla Walla’s warm climate is perfectly suited to grow every grape under the sun, and Chardonnay from this esteemed appellation can deliver the goods for those who crave a more opulent and rich style.

With a nod and homage to farming and respect to the environment, the team at Abeja believes they can make a positive difference every day through their actions, and still can make killer wines that over deliver in every imaginable way.

The 2015 Abeja Chardonnay has crystalline aromas of guava, spiced pineapple, clarified butter, popcorn, spiced vanilla and honeyed apricots will have your senses buzzing, all leading into a big and bountiful palate full of spiced fruit, tropical waves of liquid joy, and a finish that just won’t quit.

This style of Chardonnay has its place, and frankly, we love it on cold nights sitting by the fire while binging Netflix or watching a movie. It just has that certain something, and add a few years of age on top for a little extra richness and depth, and this has got all the makings of a perfect house Chardonnay. 

California Chard drinkers are gonna love this, and make no mistake, we’re not trying to change your loyalty to the wild wild west of Washington, but we do want you to find great stuff wherever it hides.

So sit back, get comfy, pop a bottle, and get your popcorn ready!