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Marty Pack - 12 Bottle Sampler

Marty Pack - 12 Bottle Sampler

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We find amazing wines, negotiate incredible deals, and pass the savings on to you.  This is an excellent way to sample a handful of our hand-picked wines.

Endorsed by one of our early supporters, mentors, and investors Marty De La Rosa.  This offer is ONLY available to friends and family who have this direct link to purchase.  NOT AN ADVERTISED OFFER.  If you have the link and are reading this page, you are eligible to purchase.  Average bottle discount 57% OFF Suggested Retail Price.

We will fill this twelve bottle shipper with an assortment of available wines from our Bottle Shop.  Enjoy!

Thank you for being an early supporter of our venture.  

Your feedback is welcome, we would love to know what you think!

The VinePals Team