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We’re so excited to invite you into the world of Major Crush, and we can’t wait for you to experience the wines we’ve hand-picked for our club this month! Every bottle has a story to tell, and we can’t wait for you to experience the stories right along with us! 

Let’s get things started with this month’s four-bottle collection!

Welcome to our very first Crush Collection!

There will never be another collection quite like our October/November 2020 shipment, which is why we’ve named it our First Loves Collection!

The holidays are upon us, and so selecting wines that are easy to pair, and fun to share is what we had in mind. We believe that whenever you open a bottle of wine, the experience can create a sense of connection, and therefore the four wines we’ve chosen for you are meant to inspire a lasting bond between us!

Let’s talk about the wines:

WINE 1: 2018 Domenica Amato Grenache Blanc

If you’ve followed our podcast, then you might remember an interview from Season One with one of our very first crush-worthy winemakers, Michael Scorsone of Emmitt-Scorsone Wines. We feel so lucky to feature one of Michael’s wines in this First Loves Collection because everything he does is so intentional and his wines are always delicious. But his Grenache Blanc is a total stand-out white wine, and it’s one that Meredith and Lou adore. This Grenache Blanc is the perfect fit for the First Loves Collection for obvious reasons, but we also know it will be a great wine for you as you head into the holidays!

This beautifully made white is light bodied and features layered flavors of green apple, lemon and wet stone that is absolutely perfect to drink all alone or with a variety of foods at the start of any gathering.

WINE 2: 2018 Parables in Red Pinot Noir

Sometimes we come across a wine that is so perfect for our collection that we have to put our own label on it! That’s the case with this gorgeous 2018 Parables Pinto Noir. It has everything you could ever want in a Pinot. We also love this wine because it pairs so beautifully with holiday favorites, like smoked turkey, ham, and classic side dishes, and it’s light enough to serve as a starter wine when you’re gathering friends and family together this year.

This is a Sonoma Coast Pinot, which means it was grown in one of the most ideal growing regions for this varietal. Every sip has beautiful nuances of dark red fruits (like dark cherries and raspberries) and that classic finish found in well-made Pinots that’s often described as strawberries on silk.

WINE 3: 2018 La Puerta Alta Argentinian Malbec

We decided to add a bit of international flare to our First Loves Collection because some countries just know how to make a crush-worthy varietal! Such is the case with this 2018 La Puerta Alta Argentinian Malbec. There’s really no better expression of this varietal. This wine was grown at a very high altitude, which increases the anthocyanin in the grapes and intensifies the flavors and aromas. And when you think about pairing this wine, think about grilled and roasted meats and you’ll be well on your way to an amazing wine and food experience!

This wine tastes like dark cherries with very blended flavors. Being a well-made wine, it compliments more than dominates on the palate. It has softer tannins, but they still stand up perfectly with anything off the grill. This 2018 vintage has a slightly lower alcohol level than other big reds of its kind, which means it will be a much better wine to serve your guests this holiday season to keep things easy and always fun!

WINE 4: 2017 Orinda Hayes Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon

A collection of “first love” wines wouldn’t be complete without a classic Cabernet Sauvignon in the mix! But when it comes to Cabs, we’re kind of picky. We’re always looking for wines that hit all the right notes and harmonize perfectly with people and food, so when we came across this 2017 Orinda Hayes Cab, we had to nab it for our first shipment.  And believe it or not, this Cab has everything you could ever want to pair it with the obvious red meat choices, or with a vegetarian dish — like roasted butternut squash — with amazing results!

It’s got that gorgeous combination of fruit flavors and baking spices that make it dazzle on the tongue and can bring out the best in the foods you love to serve this time of year. Alluring aromas of ripe blueberries, black cherry, star anise, baking spices, and minerality make this Orinda Hayes Cabernet Sauvignon the perfect choice for people who are new to the world of wine, as well as seasoned wine drinkers who are seeking the enjoyment of a well-made Cab.



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